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Custom Process

It all begins with your feet!

Footlabs Custom Products are exactly what they say 'Custom'

No two pairs of feet are the same and we believe in giving you the ultimate in custom fitting by using an exact impression of your feet to design and build your insoles from.

A casting kit is the first port of call for any custom comfort product and with our instructional video, we will guide you through the process of making a accurate impression of your feet.

We then digitise the impression to make a 3D image in which we can start to create the type of insole you have requested.

The state of the art Cad Cam technology accuratley contours and creates an insole to the unique profile of particualer foot. Working to a tolerence of 0.05mm we can guarantee a trully accurate and custom made insole deisned and manufactured indiviually for you.

Once the Design and Model process is complete we use various CNC cutting machines to manufacture either a direct milled insole or positive (copy) of your feet to work with.

The milled insole is hand finished by highly skilled technicians at our lab to exact specifications determined by the customer. We use only the highest grade leather and foams to ensure for top covering and all products go through a thorough quality inspection to ensure our product qulaity is to the highest standard.

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