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Orthotics in Sport

Sport orthotics is one of the newest and most exciting fields of research in the orthotic family.

Research and testing is opening up a whole new range of performance enhancing and comfort sport orthotics. When people think of orthotics or orthotic shoes, they tend to picture stiff black Herman Munster-esque platforms which are unattractive and cumbersome.

Today, the field of orthotics has branched out into all areas and there are a great many advantages and advances in the area of sport orthotics.

The close relationship between orthotics and orthopaedics is undeniable. This relationship is misunderstood, however, because generally orthopaedics is regarded as a medical area that fixes or treats physical impairments. Orthotics can also do this, but more and more, orthotics is also used to just enhance performance.

Orthotics springs from the Greek word meaning "to straighten" and this is a truer definition of function.

The human foot is complex and unique with each individual. Athletes in particular are very rough on their feet and even minor genetic differences can lead to long term problems. Gait issues whether running or walking are physical issues that can be corrected with orthotics.



Runners and other athletes can use sport orthotics to correct minor gait or pressure issues that may be affecting performance.

The benefits of custom shoe inserts are numerous and sport orthotics can boost performance in a number of ways. Not only can sport orthotics overcome genetic conditions, but also help relieve pain and pressure caused by sporting activities that may be hindering performance. Common sports injuries that lead to Achilles tendonitis, toe pain, ankle pain, knee pain and shin pain can be provided with relief from a good sports orthotics insole. Once existing pain and pressure is relieved by the proper realignment of a person's foot, then exercise and sporting activities can be undertaken again with no pain and increased performance.

Another common misconception about sport orthotics is that only a doctor can prescribe and fit a person for any orthotic device. Many simple sports orthotics are available over the counter and are easy to use. The UK is under attack from obesity and many people are attempting diet and exercise programs for the first time. Extra weight and exercise stress make sports orthotics invaluable. The use of orthotics is becoming mainstream among even the most casual sports participant. 

If you are a serious athlete looking to cut down on foot stress and pain or just an average person seeking to exercise in the right way, a good set of sport orthotics can improve your workout regimen. Sport orthotics are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, colours and materials that will help relieve pain. For more serious foot ailments, an Orthotist or Podiatrist will be happy to assist with choosing and fitting a more advance sport orthotic. Do not limit your mobility! Get fit today with a comfortable set of sport orthotics!

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