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The feet are the foundation for the body and looking after them should be a top priority.

Not only do feet face the hazards of high heels, steel toe caps or ill fitting footwear, but also get to work in ocuoations and environments thats can really put them at risk!

The average person walks the equivalent of five times around the eart in a lifetime, and in simple walking each step can exert up to times your body weight. Considering the distances covered and the hazards your feet are exposed to it is no wonder that your feet need care and attention in order to survive.

Footlabs are pleased to offer a wide range of Custom and Off the Shelf orthotics along with   Biomechanical Assessments for more severe cases.


Recommended Uses


  • Treat painful corns and hard skin

  • Support the medial lonitudinal arch

  • Protect the bottom of the foot from friction and pressure

  • Spread weight more evenly across the bottom of the foot

  • Improve foot posture and help treat heel pain, arch pain and forefoot pain

  • Help prevent blisters occuring on the bottom of the foot when the ground is hard

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