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Football can place a great deal of stress on the foot and the more you play, the higher the stress.

There can be a lot of friction involved,  particularly when playing on surfaces such as astroturf.  A player often stops suddenly and twists and turns.  Likewise when playing on hard ground the studs can result in pressure to the sole of the foot.

Football boots can also be quite stressful on the feet, particularly as most players wear a tight fit for better control.  It is not uncommon for a footballer to  suffer with pressure points, corns, callus or ingrowing toenails as a result of football boots.

Footlabs are pleased to offer a wide range of Custom and Off the Shelf orthotics along with   Biomechanical Assessments for more severe cases.


Recommended Uses


  • Treat painful corns and hard skin

  • Support the medial lonitudinal arch

  • Protect the bottom of the foot from friction and pressure

  • Spread weight more evenly across the bottom of the foot

  • Improve foot posture and help treat heel pain, arch pain and forefoot pain

  • Help prevent blisters occuring on the bottom of the foot when the ground is hard

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