Golf is a sport that places a great deal of stress and abnormal forces on the back, the lower extremities and the feet and ankles.

Golf requires you to swing your golf club, and walk some distances on uneven surfaces. Both of these activities can cause the body pain. The golf swing forces the entire body to rotate as if it were one unit, rather than what it is: many individual joints, muscles, and bones working together as one.

When the feet are not in a neutral position, and do not line-up properly with the leg at the ankle, then we will experience frequent injuries, fatigue, and pain. Again, Pronation is the most common cause of the feet's inability to function Properly when walking on uneven surfaces.

If the body is firmly and properly supported by our feet and ankles, then the structures above will work more harmoniously together, and function as a pain free unit.

Footlabs have a dedicated team of Orthotic and Clinical Specialists working along side Professional and Club Golfers alike and we are proud to offer a comprehanesive range of Custom Made and Off the shelf products specifically designed  for Golf.


Recommended Uses


  • Improve stability through the swing phase

  • Provide comfort while walking and standing on the golf course

  • Protect the bottom of the foot from friction and pressure

  • Spread weight more evenly across the bottom of the foot

  • Improve foot posture and help treat heel pain, arch pain and forefoot pain

  • Treat painful corns and hard skin

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